After the EV6, which inaugurated the family, it’s now the turn of the Kia EV9, the new flagship SUV that combines design with comfort, one of the few electric proposals with 7 seats. The car once again embraces the Opposites United philosophy, in this case deviating little from the concept car that preceded it.

Our test focused on the Kia EV9 Long Range RWD, with 203 HP and a range of 563 km on the WLTP cycle, precisely the one best suited for those who travel a lot and also use the car as a work tool, here combined with a representative car.

A very versatile car, suitable for both families and workers thanks to V2L and V2G technologies, which surprises with its interior space and energy efficiency. In our 7 days, we used it to travel through all Denmark, covering a total of 1,900 km with a cost of just over 1400 DKK (€200, or 2191 SEK/2189 NOK). But let’s go in order – waiting for the other interesting Kia models.

Kia EV9: our tops and flops

Kia had already surprised with the EV6, but with the EV9, it takes a significant step forward. Indeed, a large, premium SUV, not for everyone. But it’s the ultimate expression of everything the Korean brand can do. Starting from an aesthetic, a new form of Opposites United, the brand’s aesthetic philosophy, futuristic and dynamic, capable of making even such a large and square vehicle like this seven-seater SUV lively, as well as influencing the design of all other models. But it’s the endless functionalities of this SUV that amaze: the excellent quality materials, the double matte display which is a real gem, the front seats that can become loungers, even the headrests are comfortable and well-crafted, while everyone, even those in the last two seats – all electronically reclining – enjoy climate control, cup holders, and USB-C ports. Added to this is a smooth driving experience even in this single-motor version with 203 HP, but above all exceptional range, close to the declared 563 km even on the highway. The plus is the 800-volt charging, and the V2L technology for charging any device.

Kia EV9 Long Range
Image: NordiskBil

What we like:

  • Extreme comfort for 7 passengers;
  • Finally improved infotainment;
  • Efficiency and real range;

What we don’t like:

  • The central seats fold down with a button, but must be raised manually;
  • ADAS alerts are among the most annoying in the industry;
  • The climate control display is in an uncomfortable and impractical position.

Prices in Scandinavia


  • Premium Launch Edition from 599.900 DKK;
  • GT Line AWD from 745.520 DKK;


  • EV9 7 Seats from 807.900 SEK;
  • EV9 Plus from 837.900 SEK;
  • GT Line AWD from 877.900 SEK;


  • Exclusive from 739.900 NOK;
  • GT Line Launch Edition from 899.900 NOK;
  • GT Line Executive Launch Edition from 919.900 NOK

Kia EV9 is Kæmpestor!

Kæmpestor, in Danish, means “giant,” but it is used particularly to emphasize when an object is particularly huge. And that’s what I thought when I picked up the car. And to say that I’ve tried even larger ones: despite being imposing, the Kia EV9 is 5.01 meters long, 1.9 meters wide, and 1.7 meters high. But the very personal design, the regular shapes, the high driving position, make it seem even bigger.

Kia EV9 Long Range
Image: NordiskBil

The design is certainly very elaborate, perhaps even more so than the EV6, which is still a car that stands out, and has inspired artists. The aesthetic philosophy is always Opposites United, and the car is liked, liked very much. The solid and clean lines give it a robust appearance, while the futuristic details, like the LED taillights with a “star map” design, add a distinctive touch.

Kia EV9 Long Range
Image: NordiskBil

Of all those to whom I showed it, coming from different parts of Europe, there is no one who thought it was ugly. And even the most skeptical have admitted that the designers did a good job. In fact, despite basically having the shapes of a van, the car is streamlined, thanks to a dynamic and elaborate design, and the 19” wheels that make it very photogenic.

Seats for all

Before there was only the Sorento – which looked to the EV9 for its latest restyling – but now the EV9 becomes the second 7-seater proposal, this time all-electric. And in a different key, more premium and with space for everyone. A business class for 7 people in our configuration, where certainly in the last two seats it’s better to sit lower, but where nothing is missing anyway. The last two seats can be raised and lowered electronically, via a button on the side of the trunk, and they have cup holders and USB-C ports.

The second row also folds down electronically (but must be raised manually) from the buttons in the trunk, while on the seats themselves there is an additional button for the recline that allows optimal access to the rear row.

On the ceiling, there is a small display for managing the climate in the rear rows, and even the second row has cup holders integrated into the central armrest, while the USB-C ports are integrated into the backs of the front seats, which, as on the EV6, have a design that also includes a convenient hanger for jackets or bags.

Kia EV9 Long Range
Image: NordiskBil

In the second row, thanks to the rather elongated E-GMP platform, even those taller than 1.90 meters like me can stretch their legs and feel comfortable. However, the peak of comfort is in the front: again from the EV6 come the seats that can recline completely, heated or ventilated, combined with a new and in my opinion more intelligent dashboard layout, with cup holders for bottles of two different sizes, finally able to contain even large bottles of 1.5 or 2 liters.

Kia EV9 Long Range
Image: NordiskBil

Another positive aspect is the capacity of the trunk: with all 7 seats, it still has 333 liters of capacity, which is very rare, which increases to 828 when the third row is folded down and to 2318 when even the second row is folded down. If you have a lot of luggage or, as in my case, a dog, there is plenty of space. There is also a 6-seater version available, which loses the center seat in the second row, resulting in two independent seats: here the maximum capacity increases to 2393 liters.

Everything feels like home

The EV9 further evolves the dashboard design, very vertical and simple. There are two 12.5” matte displays, a very intelligent choice because they can be seen in all lighting conditions, and where a finally renewed infotainment system debuts, with a much clearer and cleaner graphic. Also new are the soft-touch buttons directly on the soft plastic dashboard, which quickly navigate to various menus.

Kia EV9 Long Range
Image: NordiskBil

The system also supports multiple Bluetooth connections, allowing devices of all kinds to connect, in addition to wireless compatibility with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. On the display, you can play images and other multimedia content, while the customizable music sounds very good thanks to the collaboration with Meridian.

Less practical, however, is the climate control display located between the dashboard and the central touch screen. For the driver, it is practically invisible, since the steering wheel rim is right in the middle of the visual trajectory; for the front passenger, it’s definitely too far away. Fortunately, however, the temperature and intensity management is physical, while the direction can also be chosen from the central display.

Travel studio

I’ll preface this by saying that despite it being April, the day I left Copenhagen, I found the car full of snow and it was 0 degrees. A great way to test the efficiency of an electric car in such far-from-ideal temperatures. And indeed, I was surprised by how well the range held up.

Kia EV9 Long Range
Image: NordiskBil

In fact, if in Sjælland, the island of Copenhagen, the highway speed limits are mostly at 110 km/h, in other areas of Denmark they rise to 130.

Starting with 100%, I arrived in Esbjerg, at the extreme opposite end of the country, after covering 300 km with still 100 km of range left, which gives an idea of a real highway range slightly over 400 km.

Kia EV9 Long Range
Image: NordiskBil

In the following days, as temperatures rose, reaching up to 18 degrees, still at 130 km/h, I managed to cover the same distance with a slightly better remaining range, about 150 km, which makes the real range at these speeds around 450 km. Not bad, especially when combined with the 800 Volt power system that allows you to go from 10 to 80% in 24 minutes, and to recover 249 km in 15 minutes.

From an electric flagship aiming for the premium segment, however, you expect that the sense of comfort extends to the practicality of long journeys, without worries and interruptions. To this end, the onboard system manages not only energy, performance, and safety, but also offers the possibility to download additional functionalities.

Kia EV9 Long Range
Image: NordiskBil

Among its most relevant features, the EV Route Planner stands out, a software that plans navigation routes taking into account the necessary stops for charging. The total integration of the system allows you to activate battery conditioning before reaching the charging station, reducing waiting times.

There is also the Plug ‘n Charge system, charging starts immediately as soon as the connector is plugged in, without the need to use a smartphone application.

But ADAS alerts…

The Kia EV9 is one of those cars that drives itself. A smooth car in all contexts, with suspension tuning that doesn’t make you feel potholes, bumps, cobblestones, and anything else. And even on the sand, where I took it to reach the northernmost borders of Denmark, on the same beaches as the Tannistest, where the Car Of The Year jury meets every year, despite not being the all-wheel-drive version, it behaved nimbly, as if it were its natural habitat.

Kia EV9 Long Range
Image: NordiskBil

And showing that 205 HPis already great, despite its significant size and weight, which it seems not to care about, in three driving modes, including a rather lively Sport mode. However, a bit less comes from the ADAS notifications: all safety systems are standard, and here we also have the HDA 2 which combines cruise control with lane keeping assist, automatic overtaking, and more, but the car sings too much and has no memory.

This means that every time you turn it on, you’ll have to go into the settings and disable the alerts, which is a bit annoying. Remote management via the app, however, is very helpful, among the most comprehensive, and it helps to maintain the internal temperature, whether to avoid finding the car too hot or too cold, but also if we have to leave children or the dog inside for a few extended minutes and want to make sure they’re okay. Also because, for a car so fond of nature and travel, having everyone with you is a real pleasure.


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