Not only EV3 and EV4 concepts. The first new model in 2024 will be bigger, will be the brand new Kia EV5, a compact SUV that will debut befor in China, even if it is so European friendly. Even for the Nordics.

It’s a C-segment SUV developed on the E-GMP architecture, but with a 400-volt electrical architecture, as opposed to the 800 volts used in EV6 and EV9. The price of EV5 is yet to be defined, but it will be above the 250.000 DKK or 350.000 SEK threshold, which is the possible starting price for EV3.

What you should know about Kia EV5

Before its unveiling in South Korea, Kia had revealed the style and showcased the interiors in China, at the Chengdu Auto Show. It’s a 5-seater space where comfort and versatility are key, complemented by a familiar layout of the infotainment system and instrumentation, both featuring 12.3-inch screens, along with a 5-inch integration for climate control.

Kia EV5

One notable detail in the seating arrangement is the transformation of the traditional center tunnel between the front seats into a sort of extension of the passenger-side seat. Its purpose? Not for a 6-seater configuration but rather to allow those sitting in the rear to use the central seat as a chaise longue.

Kia emphasizes the interior’s closeness to the design of a “living space.” Other solutions in this direction include a tabletop-like arrangement of a portion of the floor behind the rear seats, along with an underlying double floor. Furthermore, there’s the possibility of using a climate-controlled well, cooled down to 5°C and heated up to 55°C.

Kia EV5

On the technological side, it’s worth noting the option to purchase on-demand functions through the Kia Connect Store. Additionally, the navigation is of the connected type with real-time information.

Kia EV5

In terms of safety and technology, advanced Level 2 ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) features stand out. EV5 is capable of performing a parking maneuver via an app or safely changing lanes on the highway.

Central to the integration between the Kia app and onboard systems is the ability to plan routes using E-Routing. Depending on the battery charge, distance to be covered, and the availability of charging stations along the route, the electronics optimize the path to reach the destination, taking potential recharges into account.


Much remains to be discovered about the Kia EV5. What we do know in advance is its dimensions, expected to be around 4.59 meters in length with a wheelbase of 2.74 meters. In terms of width, the electric SUV stretches to 1.85 meters, and its height measures 1.70 meters. These are the dimensions of a “compact” SUV, but it will fit into the world of C-segment SUVs with a premium profile already declared by Kia EV9.

Kia EV5

The exterior design is appealing, sufficiently different from other Kia EVs while retaining the design philosophy of sharp lines, predominantly square volumes, and intriguing lighting effects on the front and rear. What catches the eye here is the vertical cut of the tailgate, a statement of intent regarding the ambitions of a multifunctional SUV attentive to cargo practicality.


The differentiation of EV5 depending on the marketing regions continues with some battery-related features. In Europe, the top-of-the-line version with 218 horsepower and the AWD alternative with 313 horsepower are expected to come with an 81 kWh battery instead of the 88 kWh battery announced for China. The Standard version, equipped with a single electric motor delivering 217 horsepower, will feature a common 64 kWh battery.

Kia EV5

Data regarding driving range are currently irrelevant since they are announced based on the (very optimistic) Chinese CLTC homologation cycle. Thus, purely for statistical purposes, the Kia EV5 with the 64 kWh battery and 218 HP claims a range of 530 km, while it increases to 720 km with the 88 kWh battery and 218 HP motor. These values are expected to be adjusted once the SUV undergoes homologation according to the WLTP standard.


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