In a bold move towards sustainability and innovation, Kia has officially unveiled its new Concept EV4, building on the success of the EV6 model. With this new model, Kia continues its commitment to reducing its impact on the environment. The Kia EV4 combines innovative materials and technologies.

Kia EV4 new innovative design

The Concept EV4 represents a completely new type of car. At first glance, it might appear to be a sedan with its four doors, but its truly innovative design catapults it into an entirely new category.

Details like the captivatingly low and elegant front end, the streamlined and dynamic elongated rear silhouette, and the roof spoiler all conjure images of sports and racing cars. These elements collectively redefine traditional design boundaries, making the Kia EV4 a game-changer in the automotive industry.

Sustainable aesthetics inspired by the element Earth


Earlier this year, the release of the flagship electric SUV, the EV9, marked Kia’s strong determination to further reduce its environmental impact. In conjunction with the EV9 launch, Kia introduced its comprehensive sustainability guidelines, which have also been seamlessly integrated into the design and production of both the new Concept EV3 and Concept EV4.

The interior of the Concept EV4 exudes an unparalleled sense of uniqueness and exceptional quality. Kia has handwoven fabric stripes and adorned the car’s storage area and dashboard, creating a breathtaking 3D effect that rivals the intricate 3D Knit finish used in the Concept EV3’s seat covers.


To enhance both the aesthetics and functionality of the Concept EV4’s console table, Kia’s Color, Materials, Finish (Kia CMF) design team has harnessed the potential of hemp fibers. “Hemp is a fast-growing plant that demands minimal resources for cultivation,” explains Marília Biill. “Not only is it exceptionally sustainable, but it’s also remarkably versatile, and its rich color enriches the EV concept’s cabin.”

Inspired by the element Earth, the Concept EV4’s interior showcases the use of natural dyes on 100% recycled cotton, incorporating madder roots and walnut shells. Kia’s CMF design team leverages a blend of innovative and eco-friendly materials that significantly reduce environmental impact. These materials provide unparalleled design flexibility, offering an array of unprecedented color options.


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