CATL aims to produce a battery every 2,50 minutes

CATL is the world’s leading battery manufacturer and has recently inaugurated a new battery factory in the Guian district, Guizhou province, in the southeast of the People’s Republic.

This new facility, covering 0.95 square kilometers, is already partially operational, including 0.5 square kilometers of the total area. When fully operational, it will be capable of producing a new cell every second, speeding up the production of batteries for electric cars to assemble a battery pack in two and a half minutes. This is made possible by a very high level of automation and efficiency.

CATL’s factory will have an annual capacity of 60 GWh.

For this new factory, CATL has invested 7 billion yuan, equivalent to 895 million euros. In its first phase, it will have a production capacity of 30 GWh per year, but when the second part is completed, the capacity will double to 60 GWh.

This is also thanks to the 95% automation rate, which enables the aforementioned production times and will allow CATL to increase its already significant market share. As of 2023, CATL holds a 36.9% share in battery production, making it the only company in the world to surpass the 30% threshold, with only a slight decline in recent weeks.

In short, this factory will enable CATL to regain ground and prepare for a global market that will increasingly demand batteries with faster production times.

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