Previously known as E001, the Hongqi EH7 is the new luxury super-sedan from FAW, which has applied for a sales license. This indicates that the car is ready for production.

Its launch is scheduled for next month, this is the first car from the Hongqi New Energy division, established by Hongqi in January 2023 for international development and electric vehicles.

The new design of Hongqi EH7

From what can be discerned from the last pictures, the car boasts an attractive design that differs significantly from the Hongqi models we’ve been accustomed to. The Hongqi EH7 will have dimensions of 4.98 meters in length, 1.91 meters in width, and 1.49 meters in height, with a significant wheelbase of 3 meters. The weight reaches 2.704 tons, making this car one of the heaviest sedans on the market.

Hongqi EH7

The prototype retains the new “eyelash” headlight design, which has been moved to the sides and is notably large. However, it appears to reintroduce the vertical grille, consistent with the black theme seen in all the brand’s electric models.

There are also aggressive air intakes and a front spoiler located beneath the bumper, all contributing to a harmonious overall appearance. Changes are also evident at the rear, with slight reductions in the size of the taillights, which remain connected at the center. However, the bumper design is less aggressive and intriguing compared to the concept car, suggesting a shift towards a more elegant and less sporty aesthetic.

Hongqi EH7

Regarding the interior, we can catch a glimpse of dual-color upholstery and front seats with integrated headrests. The two-spoke steering wheel stands out with its off-center central hub, behind which a dual irregularly sized curved display unfolds, resembling a wave. The portion serving as the dashboard is broader.

Hongqi EH7

On the technical side, it is known that the vehicle is powered by two electric motors, delivering a maximum combined power of 619 HP and a torque of 756 Nm, allowing for a 0-100 km/h acceleration in 3.9 seconds. As mentioned earlier, it also offers the option to swap a depleted battery for a charged one, thanks to a collaboration with Aulton New Energy. In 2022, Hongqi had approximately 1000 charging stations, and the number continues to grow.

Up to 619 HP

With a top speed consistently set at 190 km/h, there will be two powertrain options. The first, with a rear-mounted motor, has a maximum peak power of 343 HP with a CATL ternary battery. The more powerful version, on the other hand, features two electric motors: the same 343 HP motor in the rear and a 274 HP motor in the front, resulting in 619 HP of maximum power. However, no information is available about the capacities of the two batteries.

Hongqi EH7

The production version of the EH7 was first spotted during road tests in August. The sedan made its debut at the Shanghai Auto Show last April, sparking speculation about the presence of a Qilin battery with Nio-style swapping battery technology. Nevertheless, there is currently no official information from MIIT regarding the actual presence of this technology.”


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