Celebrating its historic 75th anniversary, Abarth has decided to present a special gift to its loyal community by unveiling never-before-seen images of the Abarth 600e Scorpionissima.

This new car stands as the most powerful Abarth ever created, boasting an impressive 240 horsepower, a limited-slip mechanical differential, and exclusive racing components.

Abarth 600e: new details

The interior of the Abarth 600e Scorpionissima is a true masterpiece of design and functionality. The dashboard, adorned with iconic Abarth graphics and an exclusive pattern, coupled with the predominantly dark tones, creates a unique atmosphere further enriched by details such as the scorpion symbol on the steering wheel and vibrant colored stitching.

New Abarth 600e
Image: Abarth

Inspired by the world of racing, the dedicated seats and sporty steering wheel with leather and Alcantara inserts enhance the car’s racing spirit.

Equally significant, the interior design has been further optimized: the central tunnel provides additional space for personal items, while ambient lighting enhances the interiors, creating a welcoming and sophisticated atmosphere. To top it off, an advanced infotainment system with a 10-inch screen for navigation and onboard functionality management complements the experience.

The Abarth 600e Scorpionissima stands out not only for its performance but also for its connectivity features. Abarth’s dedicated graphics and performance measurement pages are just some of the features that make this car a gem of connectivity and driving pleasure. Let’s not forget the Sound Generator, allowing drivers to activate or deactivate the unmistakable Abarth sound.

As Abarth continues to push the boundaries of automotive excellence, the Abarth 600e Scorpionissima represents a culmination of 75 years of passion, innovation, and dedication to delivering exhilarating driving experiences to enthusiasts worldwide.


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