FT stands for the future, indicating models set to make their appearance in the coming years: the vision has 2 names, Toyota FT-3e and FT-Se. The first two Toyota concepts are revealed through teasers, in anticipation of their presentation at the Tokyo Motor Show on October 26th.

Toyota FT-3e is an electrix SUV, while Toyota FT-Se is a sporty and compact coupe. These two concepts offer alternative visions based on a shared technical platform.

Toyota FT-3e e FT-Se at the japanese kermesse

We know that the Japanese brand plans to launch its first solid-state electrolyte batteries in 2028, a topic that will be discussed at the Japan Mobility Show. In parallel, there are product innovations, which are currently at the concept car stage but have highly credible chances of becoming production models.

Toyota FT-3e

So, let’s take a look at an SUV that appears to herald dimensions and positioning in a higher segment than the bZ4X, which has recently debuted in the Italian market. The FT-3e presents a very different style, with appealing design choices for its profile and rear. Sharp geometries and distinct edges define its appearance. At the Tokyo Motor Show, we will discover its essential features and front-end design. Toyota places special emphasis on the ability to customize the vehicle’s dynamic characteristics.

On the exterior, behind the front wheels and on the door panel, there is a display that, as the owner approaches, shows the remaining battery charge, cabin temperature, and air quality.

Toyota FT-Se, a new idea of supercar

From the SUV to the sporty Toyota FT-Se. In 2021, when introducing their future range of electric models, Toyota unveiled high-performance concept cars. The show car at the Tokyo Motor Show could potentially become the long-awaited coupe, resembling a possible revival of the 1990s MR-2.

Toyota FT-3e

The concept’s design is highly appealing, dynamic, and edgy. The rear end recalls the GR Supra, while the electric technology draws from the expertise gained on the racing fields by Toyota GR, as indicated by the brand’s headquarters.

Toyota FT-3e

Beyond the model itself, with the FT-Se, Toyota introduces an evolution of the human-machine interface on board. This includes the instrumentation positioned higher than the steering wheel level and small secondary control displays with touch controls. Whether this will remain a feature of the brand’s sporty range or become interfaces applied to the broader future lineup of electric models is yet to be determined


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