While Geely and Nio joined a partnerhip in China, Stellantis and Ample have recently entered into a collaboration focused on fast-charging technology for electric vehicles , promising a full recharge in less than five minutes. This agreement involves implementing Ample’s modular battery swap technology in Stellantis’ electric vehicles, allowing users to automatically replace a depleted battery with a quick recharge.

The collaboration between the two companies also considers the potential expansion of this technology to other Stellantis platforms and geographical regions, aiming to meet the needs of consumers and corporate fleets.

The pilot project will kick off in 2024 in Madrid, Spain, with a fleet of 100 Fiat 500e vehicles integrated into Stellantis’ Free2move car-sharing service. The Fiat 500e, a flagship in Stellantis’ electric vehicle sales, leads the market in various European areas and was the best-selling car in Germany in October.

The project of Stellantis and Ample

Ample’s modular batteries, easily interchangeable, aim to make the EV charging experience fast and convenient, comparable to traditional fueling. Ample’s swap stations, quickly deployable in public areas, will automatically recognize compatible vehicles, allowing for a swift and efficient battery replacement.

The subscription-based approach to Ample’s battery swap technology aims to reduce the overall vehicle cost and provide users with regularly updated batteries, improving EV range and lifespan.

As part of its Dare Forward 2030 strategic plan, Stellantis aims for a 100% mix of fully electric vehicle sales in Europe and 50% in the United States by 2030, moving towards a carbon-free emission future.


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