Genesis X Gran Berlinetta is one of the most beautiful concepts ever

We know well that the times when Korean cars were considered not particularly beautiful and economical are over. However, the Genesis X Gran Berlinetta Vision is perhaps the perfect synthesis of the evolution of the Hyundai group in terms of technology and design.

A concept car that looks like it came out of a video game, and indeed it was created for Gran Turismo, but it is arguably the most beautiful thing ever seen from Korea. Certainly among the most beautiful seen in recent years.

Why the Genesis X Gran Berlinetta is so important

Although only virtual, it is a crucial car for the brand: it demonstrates how determined Hyundai is to go beyond, fully enter the supercar segment, and showcase everything Hyundai can offer in a car. And this, just 8 years after its birth.

Genesis X Gran Berlinetta

Genesis claims that the X Gran Berlinetta Vision is powered by a front-mounted V6 Lambda 11 engine with an extra boost from a Yasa electric motor, producing 870 horsepower and 790 Nm of torque, increasing the engine’s rev limit to an impressive 10,000 rpm. That bonus electric motor provides 201 horsepower and 265 Nm of torque, for a combined maximum power of 1071 HP and a substantial 986 Nm of torque.

Genesis X Gran Berlinetta

As stated by John Krsteski, Senior Chief Designer at Genesis, the goal was to create a “timeless design rooted in the essence of motorsport,” leveraging a globally passionate design team for cars and racing. According to Krsteski, it’s “such a cohesive look that Genesis could develop a production of 500 units of this car and sell them at a considerable price,” as if it were the equivalent of the beloved Lexus LFA, and the Korean response to the Aston Martin Vulcan and McLaren Speedtail.

Genesis X Gran Berlinetta

However, it stands out for its very long hood, aggressive front end with a unique grille, and a continuous double LED light system that runs through the entire car, passing through the sides and reaching the futuristic rear, where the optical groups are almost imperceptible and are nestled between the diffuser and the spoiler. The car has a sleek and streamlined profile, with large intricately patterned wheels. Genesis says the bright orange color “Magma” is a reference to the “volcanoes of Korea and the emotion, passion, and vibrancy of the nation’s culture.”

Genesis X Gran Berlinetta

The interior is sporty, essential to reduce weight, with a joystick steering wheel complete with a TFT screen with all essential information. There are adjustable knobs for traction control and ABS adjustment. On the dashboard, there is a central screen with, inexplicably, a compass and a clock on the two faces of the knobs, plus another knob on the door to lower the window and a button on its surface to open the door. In the center of the dashboard is the ignition button and transmission controls

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