New Lancia Ypsilon shows itself in Milan

Now we can know everything about the new Lancia Ypsilon, thanks to the newly captured moments of the Lancia Ypsilon during a promotional shoot. Unveiled on the streets of Milan, the images quickly made their rounds on social media, providing a sneak peek into the design and features of the upcoming model.

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And the return of the brand in European markets, including Scandinavians (maybe from 2025).

Design Elegance

The exterior design of the Ypsilon 2024 is both convincing and dynamic, with a rear volume reminiscent of the iconic Lancia Stratos. The front showcases a bold reinterpretation, featuring headlights positioned lower than the grille, adorned with the new Lancia lettering, a black trim, and three LED segments resembling the Lancia symbol – the chalice. The broad grille applied to the bumper adds to the car’s visual appeal.

Image: CocheSpias

Images of the electric version engaged in filming at Milano’s Piazza Duomo (Domkirke plads) hint at the Ypsilon’s modern and striking design.

Image: Lancia

Continuity and Change: Notably, the Ypsilon retains a few elements from its predecessors, such as the discreet door handles positioned high on the C-pillar. However, the overall design represents a departure from the traditional “chic” city car style, marking a radical shift in the Ypsilon’s visual identity.

The new Lancia Ypsilon 2024 is set to redefine the driving experience with the introduction of the S.A.L.A. infotainment system (Sound Air Light Augmentation). This system integrates climate control, stereo system, and ambient lighting.

Image: Lancia

The central display, expected to be 10 inches in high resolution, will be complemented by a digital instrument cluster behind the steering wheel. The S.A.L.A. system promises over-the-air updates, 3D navigation, real-time information, and voice commands for climate and interior lighting control.

The first Electric Lancia

Technical Innovation: Built on the CMP and e-CMP architectures shared with models like the Opel Corsa and Peugeot 208, the Ypsilon 2024 will feature similar proportions while boasting a distinctive design.

Image: CocheSpias

Expectations include LED elements in the grille, advanced infotainment, and the integration of Lancia Pu+Ra HPE show car aesthetics.

Image: Il Lancino

The Ypsilon 2024 is not just a visual overhaul; it introduces the latest technologies in infotainment, connected services, and ADAS support. The upcoming Milan debut in February will unveil more details, and the Ypsilon is expected to be offered in a mild hybrid version with a 1.2 turbo engine ranging from 100 to 136 horsepower.

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