MG3 is the upcoming vehicle from the English brand that we will get to know in a few weeks: SAIC Motor has announced that it will unveil it at the Geneva Motor Show. It won’t be fully electric but rather hybrid.

For the rest of Europe, it’s a new entry, while in China and the United Kingdom, it marks a new generation. This is because the current MG3 is a very cheap B-segment petrol car that was available only in the UK.

What we know about the MG3

As a preview for customers in the Old Continent, the MG3 Hybrid Plus represents a significant evolution compared to its petrol predecessor, which has already established itself in the British market.

Image: SAIC

This is a first for MG powertrain development, marking a new step. According to SAIC, it is the result of advanced technological research that combines efficiency, performance, and a great zero-emission range.

Not only does the New MG3 promise exceptional performance, but it also commits to providing high levels of driving assistance and entertainment.

Image: SAIC

Regarding the exterior, for which we only have sketches previewing an elongated form, there is a photo of the interior resembling that of the MG4, especially the infotainment system. In particular, the double display and the gear selector rotary knob on the tunnel are noticeable.

We will discover more about the new model in the coming weeks


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