Voyah Passion: our premiere at eCar Expo 2023 Copenhagen

Voyah has made its debut in Europe at eCar Expo in Copenhagen to do so: you can check here our favorites at the danish kermesse. We were present at the European launch of its luxury brand, where we had a first look at and live experience of two of the three vehicles: the Voyah Passion, a high-end sedan, and the Voyah Dream, a luxury electric minivan (here all the details). The other model is the Voyah Free SUV.

Both of them feature a refined design, the result of the work of Italdesign, and are currently only sold in the Scandinavian countries. In Denmark, Voyah Free starts from 599.900 DKK and Voyah Dream from 699.990 DKK. In Norway is now available only the SUV Free, with a price starting from 749.900 NOK. There are no prices yer for Voyah Passion, and no details of Voyah in Sweden.

High quality and powerful for Voyah Passion

Voyah Passion boasts a beautiful design and a wealth of technology. The Passion sedan is the latest of the models launched by the luxury brand of Dongfeng Motors. It is particularly elegant, especially in black, with a sinuous design. It incorporates all the typical recent stylistic choices, but with a fairly minimalist approach: the front features wide and slim headlights with a dual LED texture that connects to the prominent Voyah logo in the center, which is the same design at the rear.

Voyah Passion
Image: Voyah

The dimensions are significant, with a length of 5 meters, comparable to a BMW 5 Series or a Mercedes E-Class, but everything has been done to prioritize interior space. The hood is elongated but not excessively, and the rear is very short, emphasizing the 3-meter wheelbase.

Voyah Passion
Image: Robin Mørensson for NordiskBil

In fact, it is the interior that ensures the luxury with which Voyah aims to compete with Denza, Geely’s brands, and European ones. The quality and finishes are very good, and the seating, even in the rear, is very comfortable with ample legroom and headroom, even for taller passengers. The upholstery is made from a special Dinamica fabric, which not only provides a luxurious feel but is also sustainable and includes Oeko-Tex 100 certification for maximum durability, even though it’s white.

Voyah Passion
Image: Voyah

However, the heart of the vehicle is the operating system powered by Qualcomm and distributed across three displays that occupy the entire dashboard. Upon initial use, it seems very fluid and customizable, with an AI virtual assistant that aids in driving, combined with cutting-edge safety systems that also lead to a highly advanced semi-autonomous driving system. The third display is for the passenger, who can access multimedia content, artistic displays, and play some video games during the journey or while charging, as well as connect their smartphone. There is a fourth screen on the central console for climate control.

Finally, it doesn’t lack power: in the most powerful configuration, it reaches 510 horsepower and is also the Voyah model that travels the farthest, with a range of over 600 km, although Voyah has not yet obtained the European WLTP certification, unlike other models. The acceleration from 0-100 km/h is also very good, taking just 3.8 seconds.

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