Stockholm’s ambitious plan to establish an electric-only Zone in the city center by 2025

Stockholm is taking another significant step in the total electirc direction by announcing its intention to establish an environmental zone in key parts of the city center, where the entry of internal combustion engine vehicles will be prohibited starting in 2025.

This green zone will encompass a total of 20 city blocks, including some of the most famous shopping streets and locations where many of the city’s renowned offices are situated. The goal of the Green Party is to accelerate the transition to electric vehicles in an effort to combat the city’s air quality issues. The Vice Mayor of Stockholm, Lars Stromgren, expressed his concern, stating, “Today, air quality in Stockholm is causing respiratory problems in newborns and premature deaths among the elderly. It’s a completely unacceptable situation.

Not so good reactions

While Stockholm’s plan for a green zone effective from 2025 is undoubtedly ambitious, there are some exceptions in place. These include larger vans (which can be plug-in hybrids), ambulances, police vehicles, and cars in which the driver or one of the passengers has a documented disability.

Image: Robin Mørensson for NordiskBil

However, several transportation industry companies have voiced their criticisms, emphasizing that they have already reduced emissions by 34% since 2010. They argue that the current city plan for Stockholm seems too hasty. These companies recommend a greater focus on creating new electric charging infrastructure, which could encourage a more voluntary transition to electric vehicles, rather than a legally mandated one.

Critics argue that the emphasis should be on providing more charging points and improving accessibility for electric vehicles, fostering a gradual shift without imposing stringent regulations. They also believe that such a focus on infrastructure would create a more sustainable and widespread change towards electric mobility.

Volvo Recharge Highways

Stockholm’s plan to establish an electric-only zone in its city center is a significant and commendable step towards reducing air pollution and promoting the adoption of electric vehicles.

While it has faced some criticism from the transportation sector, the government’s intention is to create a cleaner and more sustainable urban environment. As electric vehicle infrastructure continues to develop and expand, it’s possible that such transitions will become more seamless, ultimately benefiting the health and well-being of the city’s residents. Stockholm’s initiative serves as an inspiring example of a city taking bold steps to address environmental concerns and embrace cleaner and greener transportation options.

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