Kia EV6 facelift: an upcoming “EV9 influenced” facelift?

After over two years since its debut in March 2021, KIA is laying the groundwork for the Kia EV6 facelift, the pioneering all-electric vehicle from the Korean brand.

In an exclusive preview, thanks to the spy images provided by WoopaTV, here’s a glimpse of the aesthetic updates, particularly concerning the vehicle’s front end.

What changes in Kia EV6 facelift

Despite being camouflaged and hidden under heavy disguises, the car was photographed in a parking lot in South Korea, clearly showing the stylistic changes. Even with the covers, it’s impossible not to notice the completely redesigned headlights, promising a more modern and distinctive look.

On the powertrain front, expectations are modest. The current configuration may benefit from slight optimizations aimed at increasing the efficiency of the electric motors. In addition, there are rumors of the introduction of a high-density battery pack to further extend the range. Speculation also suggests that KIA might adopt LFP batteries for the cheaper trims in an attempt to make the EV6 more cost-effective.

The interior might take inspiration from the more recent Kia EV9, possibly featuring a three-element curved screen system, offering an unprecedented driving experience. Of course, the latest innovations in terms of safety and technology will not be missing, enriching the driving experience with additional on-demand services.

Not before the end of 2024

The presentation date for the restyling has not been decided yet. It is said to be launched next summer in Korea, while its arrival in European and American markets should materialize by the end of the same year

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