New Lexus LBX: available in Denmark and Sweden from 2024

Launched in Milan, Italy, last june 2023, the brand new Lexus LBX is ready for some european markets, including Denmark and Sweden where will be available from the beginning of 2024. In the euro-markets this car starts from 38.000 €, but Lexus has not released danish and swedish prices yet, even if could be from 350.000 DKK or a little bit more.

The abbreviation “LBX” would suffice to summarize the scope of the change, where “B” stands for breakthrough, and “X” for crossover. Lexus LBX reveals a truly groundbreaking crossover, or to be more precise, a turning point. This is primarily seen in the styling treatment, as for the technical foundation, it is well-established and appreciated. The TNGA-B architecture is shared with the Toyota Yaris Cross, featuring the more powerful evolution of the 1.5-liter full hybrid engine.

Lexus LBX, simple luxury design

The recent direction of Lexus has been characterized by the evolution of certain distinctive design elements, with the spindle grille being the most obvious example. With Lexus LBX, there’s a completely different approach, with a clear reduction in the development of the grille, confined to the lower part of the bumper, and the space between the headlights effectively bridged by a contrasting element. These headlights amplify the impression of a sporty B-segment SUV.

Lexus LBX

Aligned with this dynamic vision is the rear volume. It retains fundamental versatility, with a regular hatch opening at the sides, ensuring easy loading. As for cargo space, 332 liters offer a good capacity, although it may not be the best in its class.

Lexus LBX

The attractive design showcased by LBX is further accentuated by the treatment of its volumes, with well-defined and protruding wheel arches compared to the cabin. The full-width taillights contribute to the impression of a wide model.


If the exterior design is impressive, the interior is equally so. Lexus LBX will enter the market in early 2024 in four different trim levels, in addition to the base version. Elegance, Relax, Emotion, and Cool represent four distinct “atmospheres,” as Lexus calls them, each aimed at providing a different perception of the urban SUV. Colors, inserts, and materials of the upholstery all contribute to creating a distinct environment for each trim.

Lexus LBX

Attention to the quality of life on board is a common feature across all versions and includes sound insulation solutions applied to the bodywork. The premium nature of LBX is evident in the materials used. Beyond the extensive customization options through Lexus Bespoke Build, even the standard choices create a highly refined interior. Semi-aniline leather upholstery is carried over from Lexus’s higher-end models, and vegan alternatives in eco-leather complement premium finishes around the well-crafted driver’s seat.

Lexus LBX

The infotainment component is provided by the Lexus Link Connect system with a 9.8-inch display. This connected system offers cloud-based navigation and real-time data exchange. The possibilities for expanding connectivity with the car are extensive and include a digital key, allowing the smartphone to become the vehicle’s key.

Lexus LBX

Furthermore, the infotainment system is updated over-the-air and is complemented by a customizable digital instrument panel with a 12.3-inch screen. An additional head-up display provides a comprehensive set of information accessible to the driver. To highlight Lexus’s attention to detail, the windshield wipers have nozzles integrated into the wiper blades rather than the hood.

Engine & ADAS

Under the hood, the 1.5-liter full hybrid engine finds its place, available in both two and four-wheel drive E-Four variants. The power output is consistent for both options, with 136 horsepower and 185 Nm of torque. The difference lies in the arrangement of electric motors, with a second traction motor-generator at the rear in the LBX E-Four, which also features independent rear-wheel suspension. Unlike the rear torsion beam in the LBX 1.5 two-wheel drive.

Lexus LBX

In terms of performance, the LBX can accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in 9.2 seconds, which is sufficiently brisk for an urban SUV. The top speed is expected to be around 170 km/h or slightly higher.

Lexus LBX

In terms of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), LBX offers Level 2 assistance, including features like adaptive cruise control and active lane-keeping. Other driving assistants include emergency braking capable of detecting collision risks at intersections and the Safe Exit Assist before leaving the car. Rear Cross Traffic Alert is combined with parking sensors featuring emergency braking. Additionally, Lexus offers an optional collision warning with frontal cross-traffic detection and a 360-degree around-the-car monitoring system. Autonomous parking, even from outside the vehicle, is also available as an option.

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