When purchasing or leasing an electric vehicle, one inevitably encounters the intricate realm of public charging and, consequently, the world of electric vehicle charging apps.

In 2024 the number of charging stations in Europe has more than doubled, with well over 500,000 charging points across the continent. However, accessing these charging stations isn’t always straightforward. The EU recently passed legislation mandating POS terminals on all charging stations and price display similar to gas pumps (already available in many Scandinavian stations), but this regulation won’t fully take effect until 2027.

Until then, users will need apps and RFID cards to activate them. Here are some of the best options:

The Best Apps for Charging Stations

The world of charging becomes even more complex due to various operators, each with their own software. Sometimes, these operators add competitors’ stations to their maps, but in most cases, they do not.

Here are the top apps for charging stations, selected for their comprehensive coverage of operators in Europe and their ability to facilitate direct payment within the app. Additionally, most of these apps can assist in trip planning, taking charging stops into account.

Tesla App

Starting with the Tesla App, it’s worth noting that Tesla Superchargers have paradoxically become some of the most cost-effective options. Tesla has also introduced subscriptions to further reduce energy costs.

Image: Tesla

Tesla’s Supercharger app allows users to easily locate and activate Supercharger stations worldwide. While some stations are still reserved for Tesla vehicles, especially in areas with multiple operators, the app displays available stations for third-party users, providing a comprehensive service for all users.

ABRP – A Better Route Planner

ABRP, short for A Better Route Planner, has gained popularity in Europe for its quality information and customization options.

Image: Polestar

While it offers cards, the app primarily serves as a navigator, indicating charging stations along routes. It offers detailed planning options, including inputting vehicle consumption data for precise calculations and choosing charging stop preferences.


Available for both Android and iOS, Chargemap is one of the fastest apps for accessing charging information.

Image: Chargemap

After inputting vehicle data, it can plan trips considering the car’s range and charging needs, distinguishing itself with its efficiency in trip planning.

Octopus Electroverse

Octopus Electroverse stands out for its impeccable software and sleek interface. It covers all European territories and continuously evolves thanks to an active community, offering personalized avatars, nicknames, and incentives for inviting friends.

Image: Octopus

Its Electrocard unlocks most charging stations across Europe and provides detailed information on activation methods.


The first app on this list is EVWay, known for its robust infrastructure and efficient app functionality. It offers a fluid map showing all charging stations in Europe, along with their rates and availability.

Users can also order an NFC tag for quicker access to stations.


NextCharge, relied upon by several minor operators, provides comprehensive information on charging stations, including availability, charging speed, and amenities.

It boasts an effective trip planner and regular updates on new charging points.


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