We got to know Zeekr in Stockholm in early autumn when we drove both the shooting brake 001 and the compact crossover X.

Closely related to Lynk & Co in terms of aesthetics, and sharing platforms with Polestar, Volvo, and Smart, Zeekr was born in China in 2021 and began its commercial operations in Sweden and the Netherlands in 2023. In 2024, it will also enter Denmark, Germany, and France (and Italy also?).

It features an all-electric, luxury lineup with distinctive style, technology, and an emphasis on achieving impressive range records. Here’s a look at all the Zeekr cars in 2024.

Can’t wait for Zeekr 007

The latest introduction is the Zeekr 007, the brand’s first classic sedan that, like all others, brought cutting-edge solutions not only in terms of style.

Zeekr 007
Image: Zeekr

Designed in Sweden at the Geely Design Centre in Gothenburg, it is the Zeekr model that stands out the most from Lynk & Co. It distinguishes itself from the crowd with its unique form factor, featuring a large shell-like tailgate for easy luggage access, for example.

Moreover, it is the world’s first car with front headlights concealed by a photoelectric barrier, rendering them invisible when turned off. The position lights also have an interactive function to communicate with the external environment.

Also noteworthy is the Lidar sensor just above the windshield. With a maximum power of 645 hp, it is the most powerful and efficient Zeekr on the road. It will be the first car equipped with Zeekr’s own Golden Battery, an extremely efficient (and very safe) LFP type capable of recovering 500 km in 5 minutes.

The racing debut with Zeekr 001 FR

The other major innovation introduced in 2023 and available from 2024 is the Zeekr 001 FR, one of the most powerful cars in the entire Geely group.

Zeekr 001 FR
Image: Zeekr

An extreme version of its first model, it has been heavily modified in terms of suspension, featuring an even more sporty design and, above all, four electric motors for a thrilling power of 1247 hp and an acceleration from 0 to 100 in 2.07 seconds.

It will also have a 100 kWh CATL Qilin battery with an 800 Volt system, allowing it to go from 10% to 80% charge in 15 minutes.

The rest of the Lineup

Zeekr X

Undoubtedly, the Zeekr X will account for significant volumes, as mentioned in our initial encounter, resembling Volvo’s EX30 and Smart #1.

Zeekr X
Image: NordiskBil

A compact premium crossover with a beautiful design and meticulously crafted interiors, it boasts technology and performance, offering over 450 km of range and accelerating from 0 to 100 in 4.4 seconds in the 428 hp version.

Zeekr 001

Of course, the Zeekr 001 remains, the model that gave birth to the entire brand. Originally the Lynk & Co Zero Concept, its closest relative (excluding the logo) is the cousin brand.

Zeekr 001
Image: NordiskBil

A sports car nearly 5 meters long, it delivers power up to 544 hp and over 500 km of range. In 2024, we should also see the version with a 140 kWh battery for a range exceeding 700 km


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