Geely has recently unveiled the official images of their upcoming Zeekr model, a high-performance electric sedan set to hit the market between late 2023 and early 2024. This exciting release is expected to share many design elements and features with the recently revealed Lotus Emeya.

The photographs showcase the car navigating the streets of San Francisco, hinting at advanced autonomous driving capabilities, thanks to Zeekr’s collaboration with Waymo for robotaxi development in California. As the fourth model under the Zeekr brand, this sedan follows the Zeekr 001 and the compact Zeekr X, designed specifically for the European market.

First details of Zeekr’s first sedan

While the name of Zeekr’s upcoming sedan remains a mystery, it’s uncertain whether the Chinese manufacturer will continue the numerical sequence used for previous models (e.g., 001 and 009) or opt for a different naming convention after the Zeekr X. One aspect that seems clearer is the design, which is expected to build upon the Lynk & Co-Zeekr styling direction found in the compact electric vehicle and the larger Lynk & Co 08 SUV.

The front end of the sedan is anticipated to feature LED daytime running lights with a more angular design and primary headlight clusters discreetly integrated into the bumper. The rear will likely showcase a single light unit that encompasses all rear lighting elements, including the Zeekr logo, illuminated by LED technology. One prominent feature you can already notice is the car’s sleek and elongated hood, coupled with a short rear overhang and a significant wheelbase, hinting at a spacious interior.

An intriguing addition to the design is the Lidar sensor positioned above the windshield, similar to the setup found in vehicles like the Volvo EX90 and Polestar 3. This suggests the presence of advanced safety systems and autonomous driving capabilities, underlining Zeekr’s commitment to cutting-edge technology.

Performance and Range

In terms of performance, the Zeekr sedan is expected to be slightly less powerful than the Lotus Emeya. Nevertheless, it’s worth noting that Geely’s most potent production car is currently the Zeekr 001 FR, indicating that the top-tier powertrains for the new sedan may closely mirror those of the base Emeya model.

However, where the Zeekr sedan is expected to shine is in its range. The Zeekr 001 boasts a remarkable 900+ kilometers of range with its 140 kWh battery pack. Given this impressive benchmark, it’s plausible that the upcoming electric sedan will push the boundaries of range even further, offering an exceptional driving experience while minimizing the need for frequent recharging.


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