Lotus finally comes to Denmark

In a strategic move to strengthen its presence across Europe, Lotus announced its expansion into Denmark, the missing Scandinavian market, together with Austria and Luxembourg.

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This expansion aims to make Lotus vehicles more accessible to customers in these regions through selected retailers. The announcement came just a few weeks after the global presentation of the Lotus Emeya, their first electric sedan 

The New Lotus

With this latest development, Lotus has significantly broadened its presence in the European market, now operating in a total of 13 countries. In addition to UK and Ireland, Lotus has established its presence in Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, and Switzerland.

Niels de Gruijter, the Executive Director of Lotus Cars Europe, expressed his excitement, saying, “We are delighted to bring the thrill of owning a Lotus to customers in Denmark, Austria, and Luxembourg. From our sportscar Emira, to our electric hyper-SUV Eletre, and our recently launched electric hyper-GT Emeya, we have a growing product portfolio that appeals to a broad audience. I can’t wait to see our cars on the roads in these countries.

Europe is a key market in Lotus’s strategy, with the company experiencing substantial growth in the region over the past year. Lotus has not only opened several new branches but has also launched brand centers across Europe. Before the last expansion, Lotus had a network of 67 stores across the continent and plans to further expand by opening 105 stores in Europe by 2025.

Lotus has been experiencing a surge in demand for its products, with an order book of over 17,000 units for its Emira sports car and Eletre hyper-SUV. “The order book for Emira is now full for the next two years” says the company. Lotus “has ramped up production this year, having had a record-breaking first half of 2023, and expects the full year to surpass all previous sales years”, indicating a promising future for Lotus in Europe.

As Lotus continues to expand its presence and product offerings in the European market, automotive enthusiasts in Denmark, Austria, and Luxembourg can look forward to experiencing the iconic thrill of Lotus ownership in their own countries.

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