Waiting for the European Car Of The Year 2024 (here the 7 finalists, with another BYD nominated), BYD Dolphin has recently crowned the “Årets Bil i Danmark 2024, Car of the Year in Denmark 2024, and amidst the seven finalists vying for the prestigious title.

This victory comes just a year after BYD entered the Danish market, and that means how the brand can be succesful in a difficult country for cars, like Denmark can be.

BYD Dolphin: a rise of a brand

BYD Dolphin won against 7 finalists, and against 21 cars nominated. As Anders Blaaberg, PR & Marketing Manager for BYD, said,  “It is a tremendous accolade for BYD in Denmark to be selected as one of the seven cars in consideration. Especially because this assessment comes from industry professionals evaluating the cars in a Danish context. It means a lot to us to have firmly established our name in the Danish market within just a year.

BYD Dolphin
Image: BYD

But why BYD Dolphin obtained the title? We can try to explain. After several years of new electric cars often big and premium, and years of little electric cars with not the best range, BYD Dolphin is able to be an interesting compromise. Modern design, right dimensions with a practical city driving, but also comfortable on the open road, where it can also be driven thanks to a good range. Also, despite it is a compact car, thanks to the platform BYD Dolphin offers good space for family and for travelling with children. Quoting Anders Blaaberg again, BYD Dolphin “represents vehicles that ordinary Danes can afford“.

BYD Dolphin
Image: BYD

In fact, with a starting price of 234.995 DKK for the Comfort version, customers can have a complete car, with all the technology that made famous this Chinese brand, and a good range of 427 km according to WLTP cycle, but also wuality interiors and sustainability, all inspired by ocean and water, as the name suggests.

Where to test

If you want to test BYD Dolphin and other cars of the Chinese brand, you maybe don’t know that Terminalen serves as the authorized dealer for BYD models in the Country.

BYD Dolphin
Image: BYD

If you live in Copenhagen, you can also visit the BYD Shop inside Fields Shopping Centre.

BYD Dolphin in Scandinavia

BYD Dolphin is also available in Sweden, with a starting price of 359.900 SEK.

Despite BYD is also available in Norway, there is no info about this car in the Country yet.


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