Zeekr Golden Battery can charge 500km in 5 minutes

During the Zeekr Power Day, the Chinese luxury brand unveiled the Zeekr Golden Battery, a new series of efficient and super-efficient LFP (lithium iron phosphate) batteries, known for their safety features.

The battery underwent rigorous testing, enduring 48 hours at -45°C in extreme cold conditions and then being subjected to a 1000°C fire before being reinstalled in a vehicle and proving to still be functional. The battery is ready for use, and the Zeekr 007, the brand’s latest model, may soon be available in Europe, where Zeekr already sells the 001 and the X. It is the first 800V LFP ultra-fast battery produced in series.

Zeekr Golden Battery and monster-charging stations up top 800 kw

Named Zeekr Golden Battery, the entire body is covered with a gold-colored insulating film, resistant to high voltage up to 4000V, increasing resistance by 27%.

Zeekr 007
Image: Zeekr

The battery utilizes 83.7% of its volume with a compact sandwich structure, ultra-thin separators, and a “tray” design. It has a peak charging power of up to 500 kW, allowing for a rapid charge from 10% to 80%, recovering 500 km in 15 minutes. Furthermore, at -10°C, the rapid charging speed not only does not decrease but increases by 25%: good news for Scandi-people.

Zeekr Golden Battery
Image: Zeekr

Alongside the Zeekr Golden Battery, the Geelty brand also introduced V2, the first 600 kW liquid-cooled charging station produced in series; and V3, a formidable 800 kW charging station, promising to recover 300 km in 3 minutes.

Source: Press Release

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