In the heart of Gothenburg, Nio made a significant announcement: their latest flagship model for the European market. The name is Nio EL8, and it’s a large SUV with space for up to 6 people.

We’ve been at the official unveil for the Nordic markets, and this is what we found out. The new Nio EL8 is expected to hit the market as early as September, 2024, where it will be sold in Denmark, Norway and Sweden (and also other european countries like Germany). Want to know more about Nio world? Read our test drive of Nio ET5 both fastback and touring!

Nio EL8, a minimal giant

The car is long, measuring just over 5 meters and almost 2 meters wide. Nevertheless, the EL8 likely has some of the most comfortable seating for those in the third row.

Nio EL8
Image: Christian Koed – NordiskBil

This is because the battery, located under the car, has been pushed as far forward as possible, ensuring it doesn’t compromise space for the rear passengers. However, there is no frunk because of this.

Image: Nio

In the cabin, the design is typical of Nio. Additionally, there are 23 speakers discreetly integrated throughout the cabin. Certainly!


Upfront, the Nio EL8 boasts a 16.3-inch head-up display and a 12.8-inch touchscreen infotainment system. Rear passengers benefit from a 6.6-inch digital display equipped with a virtual assistant. The EL8 includes a hot-stone massage feature and Pet Mode as standard, maintaining the cabin temperature at a comfortable 22 degrees Celsius.

Nio EL8
Image: Nio

Equipped with 33 cameras and sensors, the car serves various functions. Some are used for an emergency video recording system activated during airbag deployment to capture serious accidents, while others support the lidar system and other external safety features.


The Nio EL8 comes in two versions: Standard Range and Long Range.

  • Nio EL8 Standard Range (75 kWh battery) – 390 km
  • Nio EL8 Long Range (100 kWh battery) – 510 km
Nio EL8
Image: Nio

Additionally, the Long Range version is equipped with Brembo brakes and can accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in 4.1 seconds. To rival the opulent features of models like the Mercedes EQS SUV, the Nio EL8 comes standard with dual-chamber air suspension and adaptive damping control, which adjust to real-world conditions to enhance ride comfort.

Prices in Scandinavia


  • Nio EL8 with Battery as-a-Service (BaaS) – 999,000 SEK
  • Nio EL8 including Standard Range battery – 1,129,000 SEK
  • Nio EL8 including Long Range battery – 1,239,000 SEK
  • Nio EL8 Executive including Standard Range battery – 1,179,000 SEK
  • Nio EL8 Executive including Long Range battery – 1,289,000 SEK


  • Nio EL8 with Battery as-a-Service (BaaS) – 719,000 NOK
  • Nio EL8 Executive from 739,000 NOK

Danish prices are not available yet.


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