The transformation of Smart, due to the new management by Geely, also extends to minivans. After Zeekr 009 and Volvo EM90, the SEA platform will give life to another MPV under the German brand, although smaller than its “cousins.”

The first spy photos of the vehicle have already appeared, and the Smart minivan, which could be called Smart #4, will debut in China and Europe in 2024 with a price below 200,000 yuan, or less than €26,500 / 200.000 DKK / 298.000 SEK / 300.000 NOK

Why Smart #4 and not Smart #2?

There are already two vehicles on the market: the compact SUV Smart #1 and its coupe version Smart #3. However, the minivan will not be named Smart #2, as we will see another model with that name in 2024, the successor to the Smart ForTwo, which should retain its ultra-compact characteristics. It might be called Smart #4, but there is no certainty even for this name.

The new Smart MPV will have a compact and spacious body, with a length of about 4 meters and a seating capacity for five passengers. The external design will incorporate some typical brand elements, such as the semi-closed hexagonal front grille, LED headlights, and the Smart logo on the hood. The rear will feature a large and practical tailgate with C-shaped taillights.

Image: Zaker

The new Smart MPV will be based, as mentioned, on Geely’s modular SEA platform, the same one used in other electric models of the group, from Zeekr and Volvo to Polestar and Lotus. This platform allows for various battery and motor options, in addition to ensuring greater safety and connectivity.

The technical details of the new Smart MPV are not yet known, but it is presumed to have a power of around 150 kW or 204 HP and a range of over 400 km on a single charge. The vehicle will also be equipped with advanced driving assistance and infotainment systems, including a 10-inch touchscreen on the dashboard.

The new Smart MPV will be produced at the Ningbo plant in China, where other models of the brand are already assembled.


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