3rd generation Audi Q5 won’t be electric

There is a third generation of the Audi Q5 currently in development. The midsize SUV, belonging to the D segment, will be one of the projects based on the PPC architecture, an evolution from the current MLB technical platform used by the Q5 facelift in 2021.

The Premium Platform Combustion (PPC) is in contrast to the PPE (Premium Platform Electric) used for electric models, such as the upcoming Q6 e-tron set to be unveiled in the coming months, and the new Porsche Macan EV. The comparison between the new Q5 2025 and the Q6 e-tron runs on parallel tracks, as both belong to the same premium segment.

What about brand new Audi Q5 2025

Development mules for the new Audi Q5 and its sportier versions, like the SQ5, are appearing at the beginning of 2024. When will it be presented? The expectation is for a launch in 2025, aligning with the typical 8-year lifecycle of the current generation: presented in 2017, updated after four years in 2021, the “next stop” is set for 2025.

According to plans disclosed for European markets, Audi intends to launch its last car with an internal combustion engine in 2026. A new Q5 debuting in 2025 will have a useful lifecycle extending to 2033. It will feature mild and plug-in hybrid powertrains, with even the Audi Sport versions leaning towards the latter.

Regarding the design, thanks to spy photos shared on Instagram by wilcoblok, we can anticipate a front end that is sufficiently distinct from the Q6 e-tron, as it does not adopt the split headlights between daytime running lights and main projector.

The grille will have the usual cooling openings and a hexagonal frame that is relatively large and low in height. The headlights, compared to the current generation of the Audi Q5 – a central model in the fleet, along with the best-selling Q3 in 2023 – will feature much more triangular and slender shapes

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