Volvo 2024 Lineup: what can we expect in Scandinavia

What will be 2024 Volvo Lineup? For the Swedish manufacturer, it will be a year of full development of the electric offerings on the market. The models have already been unveiled to the public, and now it’s time to bring them onto the road.

The coming 12 months will witness a partial reorganization of the lineup, as the (few) models with a diesel engine under the hood will be phased out.

Volvo 2024 Lineup: goodbye diesel

Following the approach adopted in 2020 with the launch of the XC40 Recharge, which will lead the brand to produce only electric cars by 2030.

XC40 Recharge

It’s not a shocking farewell in the Scandinavian countries, where diesel has long been heavily taxed, and electric cars are much more cost-effective.

However, the mild hybrid and plug-in hybrid gasoline range remains, from XC40 to XC90, not forgetting the best-seller XC60 and the S60/V60 and S90/V90 sedans, perhaps in their swan song, awaiting the new electric sedans.

The latest preview for 2023, with the possibility of a European market launch in 2024 – at least in terms of orders – is a new model for the brand: the EM90.

Volvo EM90

This falls within the luxury MPV segment, a niche market that has recently seen the interest of various premium (and non-premium) brands, with solutions emphasizing quality of space. These models primarily appeal to non-European customers.

The Volvo EM90 arrives to challenge a model like the Lexus LM (see our pictures before the upcoming test drive).

The EM90 measures 5.20 meters in length and will also be marketed in Europe. In reality, its technical base is the Zeekr 009, another brand controlled by Geely. EM90 production is destined for Chinese plants, from which the model will be globally exported.

Volvo EX30

Produced in China (and soon in Europe) and globally exported, including to Italy, the Volvo EX30. In 2025, production will be expanded with a facility in Europe. Positioned in the premium B-SUV segment, the electric EX30 has style, technical features, technology, and, above all, an attractive purchasing formula with which it will hit the road at the beginning of the year.

Volvo Recharge Highways

The subscription-based driving solution complements leasing, while the list price is one of the cheapest in the Scandinavian and European market.

Volvo EX90

Another Volvo EX, the first in the series as it appears, will make its debut in the Scandinavian market with initial deliveries mid-year, following some production delays due to the development of certain software-related elements that took longer than expected.

The EX90 is positioned in the large crossover segment and represents the passing of the torch – although it’s an electric vehicle and not a traditional/ electrified one – with the XC90. It’s worth noting the availability of the Lidar sensor for advanced Level 2 ADAS and future preparation for Level 3

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