The EuroNCAP tests say now that a lot of the safest cars of 2024 are made in China and/or from Chinese brands.

In the past year, Euro NCAP conducted safety tests on 18 car models, providing valuable insights into the safety features and performance of vehicles on the market.

The evaluations for cars in 2023 indicate a commendable overall performance, with a majority of them receiving high ratings. EuroNCAP shows the same trend of 2024 Car of the Year, where there are a lot of chinese cars.

Overall Ratings: 5 Stars Dominate the Scene

Out of the 18 models tested, 14 received the highest rating of 5 stars, accounting for an impressive 82%. Additionally, three models achieved a respectable 4-star rating, constituting 18% of the evaluated vehicles. Importantly, no model received a rating lower than 4 stars, reflecting a generally positive safety landscape among the tested cars.

Best in Class Challenges in 2023

In contrast to the previous year, determining the Best in Class for each category (e.g., SUVs and city cars) proved challenging in 2023 due to the limited number of evaluations.

Top-Ranked Cars According to Euro NCAP: Safety Across the Board

Euro NCAP doesn’t just award 5 stars to the safest cars; it evaluates vehicles based on various safety categories, including Passive Safety (Adults and Children), Protection of Vulnerable Road Users (Pedestrians and Cyclists), and Active Safety (Safety Assist). This comprehensive assessment allows for a ranking that goes beyond the star ratings.

1- Volkswagen ID.7

Volkswagen ID.7 secured the top spot with the best overall score. The electric vehicle demonstrated impressive scores across key safety categories:

  • 95% for adult passengers
  • 88% for child passengers
  • 83% for vulnerable road users
  • 80% for safety assist
eCar Expo
Image: Robin Mørensson for NordiskBil

The Volkswagen ID.7’s notable achievements position it as a standout performer in terms of safety. We saw the car at eCar Expo 2023 in Copenhagen.

2- NIO ET5

Following closely is the Chinese electric car, NIO ET5, with commendable scores:

  • 96% for adult passengers
  • 85% for child passengers
  • 83% for vulnerable road users
  • 81% for safety assist
Nio ET5
Image: NordiskBil

NIO ET5’s strong safety performance emphasizes the growing prominence of Chinese electric vehicles in the global market. Here you can read our test drive.

3- SMART #3: Third in Line

In the third position is Smart #3, earning recognition for its safety features:

  • 90% for adult passengers
  • 86% for child passengers
  • 84% for vulnerable road users
  • 85% for safety assist

Smart #3’s well-rounded safety scores contribute to its position among the top-performing cars.

Other 5-Star Achievers

Several other cars joined the elite 5-star category, including models from Mercedes, BYD, NIO, BMW, Lexus, Kia, and Xpeng.

The presence of Chinese-made cars among the top performers highlights the country’s increasing influence in automotive safety standards, and especially BYD, which is the only car makers with 4 cars ranked 5 stars: BYD Dolphin, BYD Seal, BYD Seal U and BYD Tang.

Elevated Presence of Electric Cars

Euro NCAP notes a significant rise in the number of electric cars, with 14 out of the models tested being Battery Electric Vehicles (BEV). However, this shift towards electrification has led to an average weight increase of approximately 200 kg per car, posing challenges related to the safety of vulnerable road users.

4-Star Achievers: VinFast VF8, Honda ZR-V, and Hyundai Kona

While the majority achieved 5-star ratings, three models—VinFast VF8, Honda ZR-V, and Hyundai Kona—received commendable 4-star ratings, signifying robust safety features.

Evolution in Euro NCAP Tests

In 2023, Euro NCAP tested the safety of 18 models (17 of which were new), a significant decrease from the 73 tested in 2022. The reduced number is attributed to the complexity of the tests conducted, which now include more detailed assessments, such as enhanced driver monitoring and impact tests on areas susceptible to cyclist head impacts.

The evolving landscape of safety evaluations underscores the importance of staying updated on the latest standards. Euro NCAP’s focus on advanced testing methodologies ensures that safety assessments align with the ever-changing dynamics of the automotive industry.


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