Renault Scenic E-Tech is 2024 Car of The Year

In a landmark achievement for Renault, the Renault Scenic E-Tech has clinched the prestigious title of Car of the Year 2024, marking Renault’s seventh win in this esteemed accolade.

This victory not only underscores Renault’s continued commitment to innovation but also reaffirms its position as a trailblazer in the automotive industry.

Renault Scenic E-Tech: a critic’s success. Again

The Scenic E-Tech, Renault’s electric SUV, emerged victorious among seven formidable finalists, securing 329 points from the votes of 58 jurors representing 22 European countries. This triumph marks the second time the Scenic model has claimed the coveted title, following its initial win with the first-generation design in 1997.

Renault’s success with the Scenic E-Tech underscores the brand’s evolution and adaptability to changing market demands. Transforming from a conventional MPV to a sleek SUV with an electric powertrain, the Scenic E-Tech embodies Renault’s forward-thinking approach towards sustainable mobility.

Renault Scenic E-Tech
Image: Renault

In a closely contested competition, the Scenic E-Tech edged past the new BMW 5 Series, which garnered 308 points, securing a narrow yet decisive victory. The third position was claimed by the Peugeot 3008, showcasing the increasing competitiveness in the realm of electric and hybrid vehicles.

Notably, the e valuation process revealed intriguing insights into regional preferences, with the Scenic E-Tech receiving strong support in countries like Belgium, France, and Italy, while the BMW 5 Series found favor in Denmark, Austria and Germany. Such divergent perspectives highlight the nuances in automotive preferences across different markets.

Renault’s legacy of success in the Car of the Year awards dates back to 1966, with victories including iconic models like the Renault 16, Renault 9, Clio, Megane, and previous iterations of the Clio and Scenic. This consistent recognition underscores Renault’s prowess in delivering groundbreaking vehicles that resonate with both critics and consumers alike.

Renault Scenic E-Tech
Image: Renault

Fabrice Cambolive, CEO of Renault brand, expressed pride in winning the Car of the Year 2024 award, emphasizing the brand’s dedication to delivering vehicles that combine exceptional performance, spacious interiors, and eco-friendly credentials. He highlighted features such as record-breaking range, generous onboard space, and cutting-edge technology, including the innovative Solarbay panoramic roof and the latest generation of the OpenR Link infotainment system with Google integration.

The Car of the Year title remains highly coveted, representing a benchmark of excellence in the automotive industry since its inception in 1964. With each country’s jurors allocating 25 points among the finalists, the award reflects the collective judgment of experts from key European markets, including Denmark, Sweden, Norway (emerging market, thranksto electric vehicles), Italy, Germany, France, Spain, and the United Kingdom, alongside representatives from emerging markets such as Turkey and Slovenia.

Renault’s victory with the Scenic E-Tech not only underscores its leadership in electric vehicle innovation but also sets a new standard for excellence in the automotive landscape. As the industry continues to evolve, Renault remains at the forefront, driving towards a sustainable and electrified future.

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