Nio is poised to make a significant entry into the European market with its latest venture, Onvo. Targeting cost-conscious consumers while maintaining quality and performance, Onvo introduces its inaugural model, the Onvo L60, previously codenamed “Alps.”

This strategic move by Nio aims to revitalize its sales in Europe and position itself competitively against rivals like the Tesla Model Y. New insights into the Onvo L60 have recently surfaced, particularly regarding its battery technology sourced from two industry giants, BYD and CATL.

What we know about the new Onvo L60

Nio has confirmed that the Onvo L60 will offer battery options of 60 and 90 kWh capacities. The smaller battery pack will feature LFP batteries produced by BYD’s subsidiary, FinDreams, while the larger packs will utilize NCM cells from CATL. Despite being compatible with Nio’s third-generation battery swapping stations, the pack’s thickness has been reduced to optimize interior space within the vehicle.

Onvo L60
Image: Weibo

Moreover, reports from Weibo suggest that the Onvo L60 will boast high efficiency. The vehicle not only incorporates a 900V silicon carbide platform but also benefits from its coupé shape, resulting in minimal aerodynamic resistance.

These design elements, coupled with its relatively lightweight construction, indicate that the L60 is poised to achieve superior efficiency compared to the Model Y. It is rumored to feature a next-generation, in-house electric motor, promising robust power output.

Further technical specifications include MacPherson front suspensions and multilink rear suspensions, ensuring a balanced and responsive driving experience. The Onvo L60 is slated for an official debut by the end of May 2024, with plans for its European launch scheduled between late 2024 and early 2025.


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