Volvo has announced its commitment to improve road safety by collaborating with various local transportation authorities, including ministries and law enforcement agencies, to provide real-time data and warn drivers of potential hazards.

Asa Haglund, Head of Volvo Cars Safety Center, revealed this initiative in a brief interview with Automotive News Europe.

Denmark, Sweden the 2 first countries

Among the first companies to provide connected safety technology with advance warning of impending accidents, Volvo is developing the “Accident Ahead Alert” system. It will initially launch in Denmark before expanding to other markets throughout 2024. The choice of the Scandinavian country, close to Sweden, is attributed to Denmark’s road authority, which boasts high-quality real-time data and extensive coverage.

Following Denmark, Volvo plans to extend its reach to other markets, specifically those within the European Road Safety ecosystem, including Sweden, Germany, Austria, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands and Spain. Excluded from this network are countries such as France, Italy, Portugal, and those in Eastern Europe.

In the spirit of open patents, akin to the invention of the three-point seat belt, Volvo intends to provide this information not only to its own vehicle drivers, as it has done in the past, but to all drivers at no cost.

XC40 Recharge

According to the Swedish automaker, there are approximately 2.6 million vehicles in Europe capable of accessing this system, with 500,000 Volvo cars already equipped with the technology. The innovation lies in accessing real-time data from a traffic management center, a significant departure from previous models.

To utilize the system, drivers will need to consent to Volvo anonymously sharing their data. Haglund asserts that the current accuracy rate stands at 70-80%, but Volvo aims for perfection in its system. Furthermore, drivers will only be alerted if the accident is within roughly 200 meters of their position, a choice Volvo hopes will enhance the system’s utility.

Volvo also hopes that competitors will join the initiative for broader and more optimal data sharing. BMW, Volkswagen, Ford, and Mercedes are already partners in the European Data for Road Safety initiative.

Volvo’s vision for road safety extends beyond its own vehicles, aiming for a collaborative effort to create safer roads for all. Through real-time data sharing and advanced warning systems, Volvo seeks to revolutionize road safety standards across Europe and beyond.


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