One free charge at Tesla Superchargers for Non-Tesla owners (until 6th January)

Tesla has a gift for non-Tesla owners, who can have one free charge at Tesla Superchargers until 6th January.

The promotion is available in 18 countries and requires users to use a credit card through the Tesla app. It is valid only for the first charge at Tesla Superchargers.

This move could encourage non-Tesla electric vehicle drivers to experience the convenience and speed of Tesla’s Supercharging network. Generally, electric charging apps display interconnected charging stations among various operators, and Tesla’s charging stations are not typically included in these networks.

It’s worth noting that Tesla’s charging stations are strategically located with the needs of Tesla customers in mind, and there are fewer of them compared to others in the area.

Free charging for Tesla, not for others

In any case, Tesla’s move is commendable (Perhaps the company is trying to rehabilitate its image, which has been compromised due to strikes in Scandinavia), and it’s not the first time the company has offered such promotions. It’s also worth remembering that Tesla provides “destination chargers” for free to anyone. The charging speed at destination chargers is lower, but as the saying goes, don’t look a gift horse in the mouth.

It’s almost paradoxical that Tesla is offering these possibilities while there is absolute silence from major energy companies. By offering the first session of Supercharging for free to non-Tesla electric vehicles, the American company expands its customer base, encouraging them to try the service

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