Colorful and pixelized, Fiat Grande Panda (Big Panda, in English) is the new compact model that will complement the existing thermal-engine Panda (Pandina), produced in Pomigliano, Italy at least until 2029.

The five-door Grande Panda is set to arrive in the coming months, featuring both electric and hybrid powertrains, paving the way for a series of new models that Fiat plans to launch at a rate of one per year through 2027. Pricing is expected to be well below €25,000 or 186,500 DKK, and since is a global car is expected to be available also in Scandinavia, maybe only in the electric version (like the Citroen C3).

Compact Dimensions with a Nod to the Past

The Grande Panda fits the small B-segment category, measuring 3.99 meters in length. Its boxy shape pays homage to the iconic Panda 4×4, with SUV-like styling elements such as underbody protection trims.

Fiat Grande Panda
Image: Fiat

The side panels feature the “Panda” name in bas-relief, while other design details, from the pillars to the rectangular light clusters composed of opaline cubes, echo the classic Pandino and the Mega Panda concept.

In keeping with its predecessor, the Grande Panda aims to be a highly practical vehicle, as evidenced by the inclusion of roof rails. The glimpses of the interior reveal a dashboard with two side-by-side screens—one for digital instrumentation and another for infotainment—enclosed in a single display. Additionally, the passenger side features the traditional “shelf” for storage.

A Global Venture

Designed at the Centro Stile in Turin, the Grande Panda marks the beginning of a new era of global models for Fiat.

Fiat Grande Panda
Image: Fiat

Following its European debut, the new compact will be launched in Africa and the Middle East, with plans to eventually reach other international markets. Although Fiat has not disclosed the production location for the Grande Panda, it has confirmed that it will be based on the Smart Car platform, the same as the new Citroën C3 produced in Trnava, Slovakia.

This suggests several potential characteristics: the electric version of the Grande Panda could boast 113 HP and a range of over 300 km, similar to its French counterpart, while the hybrid version is expected to feature a 1.0-liter three-cylinder engine with 100 HP, potentially bringing the starting price below €20,000 or 149,207 DKK.


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