MG wants to be the cheapest electric car producer in Denmark: in fact the Danish MG importer has decided to reduce prices on selected stock vehicles.

MG Danmark has launched a campaign focusing on the MG4 Trophy Extended Range and XPower stock vehicles. This campaign is notable for offering the market’s most economical cost per kilometer for electric driving. Do you want to know how they work? Read here our test of MG4 Nordic Edition and MG4 Xpower.

The MG4 Electric is recognized for its safety, practicality, driving enjoyment, and for making e-mobility more accessible with prices starting at DKK 199,999.

The new danish prices of MG4

With the MG4 Electric, customers receive comprehensive safety features, a long list of comfort equipment, and substantial electric range in the Trophy Extended Range or impressive horsepower in the XPower, all at a customer-friendly price.

Now, the price becomes even more attractive. The current price for both models is DKK 299,999. Starting Monday, June 17th, the price will be reduced by DKK 35,000 for the Trophy Extended Range, bringing the new price to DKK 264,999, and by DKK 25,000 for the XPower, bringing the new price to DKK 274,999.

MG4 Nordic Edition
Image: NordiskBil

The vehicle’s outstanding driving characteristics are undeniable, whether one opts for the long range of the Trophy Extended Range or the performance of the XPower variant.

The MG4 Extended Range offers an impressive range of 520 km on a single charge, which equates to an exceptional cost of approximately DKK 510 per kilometer. This vehicle is ideal for Danish buyers who want to drive electric without compromising practicality on longer journeys.

The high-performance version, the MG4 XPower, is equipped with 435 HP and accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in just 3.8 seconds. The XPower model combines power and precision, making it highly attractive to car enthusiasts who desire an electric vehicle without sacrificing driving pleasure and performance.


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