Copenhagen Airport is going to have a new train station

In a strategic move to accommodate the anticipated surge in traffic, Copenhagen Airport’s railway station is set to undergo significant expansion with the addition of two new tracks and space for additional trains: the Ny Kastrup Station.

This expansion is in preparation for the inauguration of the Fehmarnbelt connection in 2029 (the new tunnel that will connect Denmark and Germany), which is expected to bring about an increase in rail traffic, particularly in freight trains, connecting Northern Scandinavia to the rest of Europe via the Øresund railway.

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A new station by Bjarke Ingels

The burgeoning development at Copenhagen Airport involves the creation of a new station, Ny Kastrup Airport Station, a project by the Danish architet Bjarke Ingels, situated along the existing freight tracks beneath the current metro station. A pedestrian bridge will be constructed from this station, extending over the tracks, providing passengers with seamless access to the airport.

The key components of the Copenhagen Airport railway station expansion include:

  1. Construction of two new platforms, including necessary adjustments to tracks and switches.
  2. Upgrade of safety measures and environmental features for existing platforms, stations, and tunnels catering to mixed passenger and freight rail traffic.
  3. Development of an integrated transfer solution between Terminal 3 and the new platforms, in collaboration with Copenhagen Airports A/S.

Atkins, serving as the principal consultant for Sund & Bælt (A/S Øresund), is overseeing various aspects of the public sector projects, detailed design, tender processes, project follow-up, and supervision. Atkins is also responsible for preparing waiver requests and interface coordination.

Their technical consultancy spans railway engineering, systems engineering, construction and facilities, environmental considerations, and regulatory affairs, among other interdisciplinary fields.

Image: Bjarke Ingels Group

Beyond the establishment of the new station, infrastructure modifications are planned, including directional management of the rail line.

Collaboration with M&E Engineering A/S, acting as a sub-consultant, brings expertise in mechanical and electrical systems to the project, enhancing the overall functionality of the expanded railway infrastructure.

The expansion of Copenhagen Airport’s railway station not only reflects proactive measures to accommodate the upcoming Fehmarnbelt connection but also emphasizes the commitment to providing efficient and seamless transportation solutions for both passengers and freight between Scandinavia and the broader European network.

The project’s comprehensive approach, encompassing both new construction and infrastructure enhancements, positions Copenhagen Airport as a hub well-prepared for the future demands of rail transportation.

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