For Danish, Scandinavian and other motorists planning to cross the Storebæltsbroen (Storebælt Bridge) today, an unexpected roadblock awaits. The iconic bridge has been closed to wind-sensitive vehicles due to powerful gusts sweeping across its expanse.

This decision was made to ensure the safety of all travelers on the bridge. In this article, we will delve into the details of this temporary closure, the criteria for wind-sensitive vehicles, and how motorists can stay informed about the bridge’s reopening.

Why this closure

Storebæltsbroen, commonly known as the Storebælt Bridge, is a crucial lifeline that connects the Danish islands of Zealand (Sjælland) and Funen (Fyn), and that means also Malmö-Copenhagen to Odense. It stands as one of the most remarkable engineering feats in Denmark, but even such marvels are not immune to the forces of nature. Today, it’s facing the brunt of powerful winds, leading to the closure for wind-sensitive vehicles.

According to via Sund og Bælt, the organization responsible for the operation and maintenance of the bridge, a ban on wind-sensitive vehicles is enacted when the wind speed exceeds 15 meters per second.

What constitutes “Wind-Sensitive Vehicles”?

Wind sensitivity isn’t limited to just smaller cars; even larger vehicles can be affected, especially those towing camping trailers, caravans, or other types of trailers. These extra dimensions can make these vehicles vulnerable to strong gusts, potentially causing safety concerns on the bridge.

Image: VisitNyborg

For motorists who find themselves unable to cross the bridge due to the adverse weather conditions, there are designated areas to pull over on both sides of the bridge. This provides a safe space for vehicles to wait until the bridge reopens.

When Will the Bridge Reopen?

As for the exact timing of the bridge’s reopening, it remains uncertain. Sund og Bælt has stated that the minimum duration of the closure will be 12 hours. The decision to reopen the bridge will be contingent upon the stabilization of weather conditions and the assurance of safety for all vehicles.

For those planning to cross the Storebælt Bridge, it’s essential to stay informed about the situation. Weather forecasts, wind speeds, and updates from Sund og Bælt can be helpful in determining when it will be safe to traverse the bridge again. Social media channels, news outlets, and official government websites can also provide real-time updates on the bridge’s status.


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