BYD Song L: we hope to see it soon in Europe

In recent days, the Chinese automotive giant BYD has introduced the BYD Song L, a crossover coupe/fastback with appealing aesthetics and impressive performance, potentially making it the most attractive model in its lineup alongside the Seal.

Positioned as a direct competitor to the Tesla Model Y and its domestic counterpart, the Zeekr 001, the BYD Song L comes with a significantly lower price tag while incorporating advanced technology, making BYD vehicles not only efficient but also remarkably safe.

In China, the Song L is priced between 189,800 and 249,800 yuan, equivalent to:

  • 171,000 to 225,000 DKK
  • 231,000 to 303,000 SEK
  • 237,000 to 312,000 NOK

BYD Song L, or maybe the most beautiful BYD ever

Sporty yet elegant, the BYD Song L, which is likely to be renamed for the European market, boasts a pleasing design. It enters a segment occupied not only by the mentioned competitors but also by similar vehicles like the Kia EV6 or Hyundai Ioniq 5.

BYD Song L
Image: BYD

Built on BYD’s electric platform 3.0, the Song L incorporates some of the industry’s most sophisticated technologies. It features Disus-C suspensions and cell-to-body technology with a sandwich structure that encloses the inverter, battery, and other components, integrating them into the body for enhanced safety.

BYD Song L
Image: BYD

Moreover, the vehicle comes with frameless doors, hidden door handles, and an active rear wing to emphasize its sportiness. Aesthetically, it belongs to BYD’s Dynasty family, paying homage to important Chinese emperors and dynasties throughout history. In this case, the model pays tribute to the Song Dynasty, which ruled China from 960 to 1279 AD.

Other models in the Dynasty series include the BYD Atto 3 (originally Yuan Plus), BYD Yuan UP, and the BYD Han.

Size and Performance

The BYD Song L boasts generous dimensions, measuring 4.8 meters in length, surpassing the Model Y by 90 mm but slightly shorter than the Zeekr 001. With a wheelbase of 2.9 meters, it offers ample interior space.

BYD Song L
Image: BYD

The interior is bright, thanks to the fixed glass roof, and spacious, with an overall high roofline. However, the rear visibility may be compromised due to its specific shape.

BYD Song L
Image: BYD

Like all BYD models, the interior stands out with a centrally rotating 15.6” touch display and a 10.25” LCD instrument cluster behind the steering wheel. Additionally, it features a 50” Head-up display with augmented reality and the latest DiLink system.

Versions and Range

The BYD Song L is available in China in five versions:

  • Exceed 550: 150 kW or 204 HP motor, 71.8 kWh Blade battery, 550 km range.
  • Exceed 662: 230 kW or 312 HP motor, 87.04 kWh battery, 662 km range.
  • Excellence 550: 150 kW or 204 HP motor, 71.8 kWh Blade battery, 550 km range.
  • Excellence 662: 230 kW or 312 HP motor, 87.04 kWh battery, 662 km range.
  • Excellence 602 4WD: Dual motors, 516 HP, 87.04 kWh battery, 602 km range.

Power options range from 204, 312 to 516 HP, with the latter featuring all-wheel drive. Although slightly less powerful than its competitors, the BYD Song L boasts slightly better acceleration: 0-100 km/h in 4.3 seconds compared to the Zeekr 001’s 4.4 seconds.

Source: Press Release

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