During the EICMA Milano – all the information on dates and times of EICMA – was presented, the brand-new Voge DS900X. The Chinese motorcycle manufacturer from the Loncin group is entering a highly competitive market segment, standing out for its technical features and captivating design.

The Voge DS900X presents itself with the unmistakable style of modern maxi-enduros: aerodynamic lines, a distinctive front beak, and for off-road-oriented bikes, a 21-inch front wheel, following the current design standards in this segment.

Voge DS900X: a Bike full of passion

The heart of the DS900X is an inline twin-cylinder 895 cc engine, already known for equipping the F 900 R and F 900 XR models, characterized by double overhead camshaft distribution and liquid cooling. With a power of 93.8 HP at 8,250 rpm and a torque of 95 Nm at 6,250 rpm, this engine promises interesting performance for enthusiasts of the genre. The four engine mappings affect ABS and Traction Control, offering customizable and safe riding in various conditions of use.

The electronic equipment is also top-notch: the throttle is electronic, and there is cruise control and the Quickshifter electronic gearbox. The long-travel suspensions are adjustable to tackle difficult terrains, providing optimal handling in various riding conditions. The Brembo braking system is enriched with a dual-channel ABS, a technical detail that not only increases safety but also the vehicle’s versatility.

Voge DS900X
Image: Eicma

A noteworthy element is the ability to deactivate the ABS on the rear wheel, offering off-road driving enthusiasts the opportunity to experience a more “pure” braking experience. This allows the rider to manage braking more directly and intensely, suitable for sporty riding on more challenging terrains. Moreover, it is possible to deactivate traction control as well. This functionality allows riders to fully exploit the dynamic capabilities of the DS900X, pushing the vehicle to the limit of its performance in a controlled manner, without electronic interventions.

In terms of chassis, the DS900X benefits from a frame, suspensions, and wheels that refer to well-established technical solutions in the industry, with inverted fork and 21″-17″ spoke wheels, equipped with semi-knobby tires. The braking system relies on dual front discs with Brembo calipers, although specific details have not been disclosed yet.

The DS900X is not just an adventure motorcycle but also a vehicle designed for travel, as demonstrated by the available options, including heated seats and grips, significant details for those who love long journeys.

The selling price of the Voge DS900X has not yet been announced, a factor that will surely significantly influence its commercial success. Knowing Voge’s policy, it will undoubtedly be highly competitive, giving many the opportunity to enter the world of maxi-enduros.


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