Recently showcased at EICMA 2023, the PNY Ponie is an electric motorcycle available in both two and three-wheel configurations, each featuring a spacious compartment beneath the frame for transporting goods.

Founded in 2020, PNY set out with the goal of developing a “fresh and ambitious” mobility solution for the last-mile delivery market. This vision materialized in the form of the Ponie, boldly described as “so efficient that it could easily replace delivery vans.”

PNY Ponie Features

The two-wheel model, known as the PNY Ponie P2, holds an L3E-A1 European homologation and is equipped with a 4 kW motor, reaching a top speed of 90 km/h. It boasts a range of 150 km at a speed of 35 km/h, though it remains unclear whether this figure includes the cargo load. An integrated 10 Ampere charger allows for a full recharge in approximately 8.5 hours, with the added benefit of supporting rapid charging, recovering 60 km in just 30 minutes.

PNY Ponie
Image: PNY

In addition to a rear carrier, the Ponie P2 accommodates cargo bags, a custom storage box, and more in the patented compartment beneath the frame. Weighing in at 140 kg with a 6.7 kWh NCM battery, it is designed to carry up to 200 kg, including the rider and cargo. The cargo capacity is divided between 300 liters on the rear carrier and 115 liters in the compartment below, totaling an impressive 415 liters. This surpasses not only the cargo capacity of city cars but also larger vehicles like the Zeekr X.

The EICMA version showcased two cargo boxes on the frame and one behind the seat, but the company emphasizes the versatility of PNY Ponie, designed to adapt to the diverse needs of retail chain couriers, shipping company couriers, professionals, catering businesses, and emergency and rescue forces.

PNY Ponie is engineered with an “extremely low center of gravity” to ensure stability, whether fully loaded or empty. It tackles rough terrain with ease, thanks to dual rear shock absorbers and an inverted telescopic fork. It features a front wheel of 110/80-14 and a rear wheel of 110/90-12, equipped with ABS brakes including a 270 mm disc at the front and 180 mm at the rear.

PNY Ponie
Image: PNY

Specifications include a seat height of 780 mm, wide footboards, integrated undercarriage protection, a 7-inch color display ready for CarPlay, a lockable storage box with a USB port, and another on the handlebars, dual headlights, and a double stand.

The PNY Ponie P3 is the three-wheel version of the P2, adding a lockable cargo compartment beneath the rider. Weighing slightly more at 145 kg, it features two front wheels with 90/90-12 tires and a rear wheel with a 110/90-12 tire, equipped with front hydraulic disc brakes of 153 mm and rear disc brakes of 180 mm.

Production timelines have not been communicated at this point, but the company has stated that they are actively working to finalize the distribution network, and the price is yet to be determined. As PNY Ponie aims to revolutionize last-mile delivery, its innovative design and functionality demonstrate a promising future for electric vehicles in urban logistics.


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