Polestar has announced the release of the new Polestar 2 MY25, introducing several enhancements ranging from exterior design updates to interior luxury and sustainability improvements, as well as increased range and performance. The new model is currently available in Europe and Canada, with plans to expand to additional markets throughout 2024.

Since deliveries began in 2020, Polestar has sold over 160,000 units of the Polestar 2 in 27 markets worldwide, underscoring the success of this award-winning electric fastback renowned for its design and performance. The new model year introduces a new battery for the standard range single motor, which now has an impressive range of 554 km WLTP, while the rest of the lineup also increases a bit an already good performance in terms of engine and battery efficiency: read here our test drive.

Polestar 2 MY25: Exterior Design

The Polestar 2 MY2025 features two new exterior color options. “Vapour,” a contemporary grey with a subtle metallic finish inspired by modern architecture, replaces the previous “Magnesium” color. “Storm,” a dark aluminum grey already introduced on the Polestar 4, takes the place of the “Thunder” color.

Polestar 2 MY25
Image: Polestar

Additionally, the Pro Pack enhances the exterior design with new 19-inch Aero alloy wheels and 20-inch Pro graphite alloy wheels, both featuring aerodynamic inserts.

The interiors of the Polestar 2 MY25 are distinguished by new Charcoal Nappa leather upholstery from Bridge of Weir, known for their commitment to animal welfare. Customers opting for the Pro Pack will enjoy a new seatbelt design, featuring black belts with a stripe of Swedish Gold running the entire length, adding a touch of elegance.

Packages and Customization Options

The package structure for the Polestar 2 now aligns with that of the Polestar 3 and Polestar 4 models, offering a greater number of single options for unprecedented customization. Key available packages include:

  • Climate Pack: Features a heat pump, heated rear seats, a heated steering wheel, and heated washer nozzles.
  • Pro Pack: Includes 20-inch alloy wheels and Swedish Gold accents on the seatbelts and tire valve caps.
  • Pilot Pack, Plus Pack, and Performance Pack: Continue to be available, offering additional customization options and performance enhancements.

Improved Range and Performance

All versions of the Polestar 2 MY2025 offer increased range, with the Long Range Single Motor version reaching up to 659 km according to the WLTP cycle.

Polestar 2 MY25
Image: Polestar

In Europe, the Standard Range Single Motor version is now equipped with an updated 70 kWh CATL battery, providing a range of up to 554 km (WLTP): this makes the Polestar 2 one of the electric car with the best range since the standard trim level.

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