We first encountered it at the Beijing Auto Show under the name BYD Ocean-M Concept, but even then we hinted that it wouldn’t be the final name. For now, according to what has been revealed by the MIIT, the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport of the People’s Republic of China, the hot hatch could be called BYD Seal X, where the letter is just a placeholder for other registered names, such as Seal MIINI or Seal GT.

What is certain is that the MIIT has released the first images, and the car is therefore joining the Seal range, which in Europe consists of the eponymous sedan and the SUV BYD Seal U, and in China also includes the Seal 06. Moreover, the new BYD Seal family has achieved 14,269 sales in April, representing over 10% of all Ocean range sales, which also includes the BYD Dolphin.

Furthermore, we now also know some technical details regarding the engines and batteries.

All about the BYD Seal X

The BYD Seal X is a compact sedan 4.6 meters long, thus belonging to the same category as the Cupra Born and Zeekr X. It also has a wheelbase of 2.8 meters, suggesting ample interior space. The design of the production version seems fundamentally identical, although obviously less extreme. The large rear spoiler is missing, and the bumper design is different. Not so for the headlights, which remain the same even if, at least from the spending perspective, they seem to lose the shaded texture at the rear. There’s also a lidar at the front.

BYD Seal X
Image: MIIT China

Regarding technical data, we know that the car will feature BYD’s typical LFP Blade Battery, produced by its subsidiary FinDreams, although there are still no details on capacity. What we do know is that the BYD Seal X will have rear-wheel drive or all-wheel drive variants. The former will have a single motor with 160 kW or 217 hp, while the latter will feature two electric motors producing a total power of 310 kW or 420 hp.

We’ll surely learn more soon, as there usually isn’t much time between the MIIT publication and the release of official details.


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