Excitement buzzes as online sleuths uncover the first clandestine snapshots of the Lynk & Co Zero, the tentative name for the inaugural electric vehicle from the Chinese-Swedish marque. Set to unveil in April at the European Design Center in Göteborg, whispers suggest a potential debut at the Milan Design Week in mid-April, adding an air of anticipation to its imminent reveal.

From the leaked images, the Lynk & Co Zero appears as a generously proportioned sedan, diverging from the compact design hinted by former CEO Alain Visser, which would have aligned better with the European market. Speculation even suggests that this initial electric model might not be destined for Europe. Nevertheless, the moniker harks back to the Lynk & Co Zero Concept showcased at the 2020 Beijing Auto Show, later evolving into the Zeekr 001.

Scheduled for a potential mid-2024 launch, the vehicle is rumored to be priced between 200,000 and 300,000 yuan, translating to approximately €25,000 to €38,000 or 186.422 DKK to 283.362 DKK

Lynk & Co Zero: Connecting with Zeekr

The name isn’t the sole link between the Lynk & Co Zero and Zeekr. The vehicle will be built upon the same 800-volt architecture as the 001, sharing its dimensions as well. It presents itself as a large sedan stretching beyond 5 meters in length, 2 meters in width, with a wheelbase of 3 meters. The leaked images also hint at a fastback sedan silhouette, drawing inspiration from the exquisite Lynk & Co 07. Consequently, its sizable dimensions and anticipated price point may indicate it’s not primarily aimed at the European market.

Lynk & Co Zero
Image: Baidu

Various enhancements mark a departure from typical offerings by the brand, including rear-wheel steering allowing for lateral movement, enabling the vehicle to virtually pivot on its axis. Additionally, Lynk & Co promises a “digital chassis with Artificial Intelligence” and CDC electromagnetic suspension coupled with dual-chamber pneumatic suspensions for a smooth, almost “floating” ride experience, engineered to absorb every road imperfection. The spy photos also reveal an active rear spoiler.

Lynk & Co Zero
Image: Baidu

Internally, cutting-edge technology driven by the newly developed in-house E05 chip powers the vehicle, claimed by Lynk & Co to outmatch even the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8295 in computational prowess. From the sneak peeks, an elongated LCD instrument panel and a narrow, floating central console display are discernible, purportedly housing the Lynk Flyme Auto Meizu HMI system.

In essence, the Lynk & Co Zero teases an electrifying future, blending technological innovation with opulent luxury, poised to redefine the automotive landscape. As anticipation builds for its official debut, enthusiasts worldwide eagerly await further insights into this herald of the automotive evolution.


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