Vacation season is upon us, and many still choose to travel by car to make the most of their journeys and tirelessly enjoy the landscapes.

Let’s embark on a journey to discover the most stunning scenic drives the Old Continent has to offer.

1) The Atlantic Road – Norway

Considered one of the most beautiful and perilous roads in the world, the Atlantic Road in Norway is a thrilling 6 km stretch. This road, with its narrow and quirky bridges connecting various islets of the fjord, provides a roller-coaster-like experience.

Image: Visit Norway

Due to its climate, with frequent winds and rains, the road can be dangerous as waves often crash over it, necessitating low speed limits.

2) Verdon Gorge Circuit – France

In southern France lies the Verdon Gorge Circuit, a route that will leave even the bravest travelers in awe. The gorge reaches heights of up to 610 meters, offering breathtaking views through the Provence-Alps-Côte d’Azur region.

Image: Ipanema Travels

This drive alternates between wild natural parks and charming medieval villages perched on cliffs.

3) Transfăgărăşan – Romania

Praised by the former hosts of Top Gear, the Transfăgărăşan winds through the Carpathian Mountains of Romania, offering spectacular views.

Image: Soca Tour

This 90 km route was built during the communist era under Nicolae Ceausescu as a potential escape route. Though never used for that purpose, its hairpin turns now attract car and motorcycle enthusiasts annually.

4) Þjóðvegur 1 (Route One) – Iceland

Known globally as Route One, Þjóðvegur 1 (or Hringvegur) is Iceland’s main and nearly sole paved road. This circular route spans 1,322 km around the island, excluding its northwestern “tail.” T

Image: Iceland Dream

ravelers can see everything from the Blue Lagoons to glaciers, geysers, and volcanic lava fields, with parts of the road occasionally submerged in water for an unforgettable experience.

5) Romantische Straße – Germany

The Romantische Straße, or Romantic Road, in Germany is a fairy-tale journey.

Hohenschwangau, Germany -October 21, 2015: view of Neuschwanstein Castle on October 21th near Hohenschwangau, Germany during foggy autumn twilight. Getty Images

Stretching 450 km from the River Main (near Frankfurt) through western Franconia, Swabia, and upper Bavaria to the German Alps, this route is dotted with forests, medieval castles, and enchanting villages, ending in Füssen in the Alps.

6) North Coast 500 – Scotland (UK)

Scotland’s North Coast 500 is an 830.4 km circular route traversing the northernmost coast of Great Britain. This scenic drive showcases the life and landscapes of the Scottish Highlands, with smuggler caves, castle ruins, and distilleries along the way.

Image: Arnold Clark Car & Van Rental

For a spooky adventure, visit the Grey Cairns of Camster, ancient burial chambers dating back 5,000 years.

7) Thiras-Oias – Greece

Santorini’s Thiras-Oias road is a brief but magical 2.1 km route. This coastal drive curves toward Oia, where the iconic white and blue houses of Greece’s most famous island await.

Image: westend61

Despite its short length, the journey is enchanting and memorable.

8) Autocesta 1 (Adriatic Highway) – Croatia

Croatia’s Adriatic Highway spans 465.5 km along the country’s coastline. This challenging route, with its sharp drops and thrilling curves, offers unforgettable views.

It requires slow and careful driving, allowing ample time to take in the stunning scenery, eventually leading to Montenegro, one of Europe’s hidden gems.

9) Grossglockner High Alpine Road – Austria

Austria’s Grossglockner High Alpine Road is best traveled in autumn.

This route offers a mix of natural landscapes, mountain views, and castles, making it perfect for a relaxing escape from heat and pollution.

10) Sa Calobra – Spain

Mallorca’s Sa Calobra road is renowned for its serpentine appearance, making it a popular filming location.

Built manually in 1930 and spanning 13 km with a peak height of 654 meters, this route is both impressive and exhilarating to drive.


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